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Art Shows and Cats

I haven't been too great at blogging these past few months, it seems. When I was doing the audiobooks, I just didn't have as much time. Now we're getting ready for Isaias' art shows and his work trips to Miami, so again my time is divided. And the honest truth is, I'm just kind of tired and not especially motivated to blog. I apologize to the small audience I have that reads and enjoys my blog that I don't deliver more content.

Isaias and I (he especially) have been very busy. He's still working on his art pieces for the show in Salt Lake City, which will be from October 28 to November 12. In less than a week, he has to fly to Miami for his job as Head of Wardrobe for Magic Mike: Live where he will be prepping costumes for the touring production. He flies back here on Sept 21, and we immediately head to Petaluma, California to participate in the All Hallow's Art Fest. Then we come back on the 27th, I believe, and then he has to go to Miami again.

We're still not sure when he will return from the second trip, but soon after, on October 23rd, we have to drop off the stuff for the Salt Lake City show at Pioneer Theatre Company. And then we have about a week to get ready for his Day of the Dead altar at Springs Preserve here in Vegas. That art installation will be November 4, 5, and 6, I believe. And then I think we're picking up the Salt Lake City stuff on November 14th. So it's just been kind of busy and a bit stressful (more so for Isaias but for me somewhat, too).

This will be the first business trip he is taking without my accompanying him. I'm usually the organizer, making sure we have tickets, navigating, keeping track of hotel information, etc., so I'm a little nervous for him. He'll be all right, I'm sure, but it will be weird not to go with him.

I haven't taken on any new audiobook projects just so I can focus on helping him during this very busy time, but I perhaps might try to do a shorter project while Isaias is in Miami because, of course, the house will be quieter more often and I won't necessarily be able to help Isaias with his art if he isn't here to kind of direct me. I'm not as crafty as he is, so I need him to show me how to prep stuff, for example.

He really has some exciting pieces already for the Salt Lake City show. I'm really excited for him to share his stuff with a new audience. There is a little blurb on Pioneer Theatre's website about Isaias' show if you are interested in reading about it. Here is a preview of some of his pieces (I labeled the titles of the ones I know he has titled):


Forever Young

Mom's Last Tortilla

Miracle Tamales

Unfinished Music

Pop's Truck

The Return

Gathering of the Saints

I love the theme he has going in his current slate of work. These last few years have been filled with much pain and challenge, and I love that my husband can create such beautiful things out of some of that pain. The Salt Lake exhibit is called Life, Death, Rebirth. With some of the losses we've experienced these past three years, there is certainly a rebirthing process for us as we figure out how to navigate our lives without the ones we've lost.

I think one of the things I love most about Isaias' art is the amount of color that is present in it. He's had a hard time adjusting through the loss of his mom, our dear friend, and our cats, and there have been other losses for him as well that are too personal to delve into here. But the fact that such color and vibrancy can be created out of such pain and hardship is really a testament to who Isaias is as a person. He has the sweetest, most compassionate soul, and I feel so lucky that he is obviously such an enormous part of my life.

I also love how his Mexican heritage is ever present in his art. It is obviously a huge part of who he is, and I love that his art reflects that, and I'm glad Pioneer Theatre Company asked him specifically if he was interested in presenting an exhibit. We really feel honored, and we are glad the Salt Lake crowd will get the opportunity to view and experience his art.

Busy time, but we are doing well.

So are the cats.

Here is Grizzy, high on catnip:

Here is Franki, acting like a bad omen:

Here is Blondie, ever happy when she discovers an empty box to lie in:

Here is Chappy, just happy to have our company:

Here is Isaias with Franki, who is showing off his sexy leg:

Here is Blondie asking, "Dad, can we please get rid of Franki?"

Seriously, though, she is better with him than she used to be, although Grizzy and Franki both make her grumpy.

And here is Blondie sleeping on top of her favorite person, Isaias, who is exhausted himself:

Yeah, I'd say we're all doing quite well in spite of any stress and chaos.

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