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Appearances Are Deceiving

You wouldn't necessarily guess it by the photo, but I'm still not feeling awesome. Better than I was on Wednesday, but I still feel crummy.

My voice keeps feeling like it might come back, but it still isn't in good enough shape to do audiobook recording. Fortunately, I'm ahead of schedule on the book I am working on, and the rights holder has been very understanding about my illness.

I was really bummed because there was an audition for a book about Stephen Sondheim that I was really interested in, but my voice wasn't up to par. I knew it would get snatched up by somebody else pretty quickly, and it was. But I would have loved to do it. At least I have a copy of the manuscript to read.

I was feeling restless and stir-crazy yesterday, so I went for a drive, then stopped at the park near our house. I always complain because our HOA fees go toward the upkeep of this park we never use, but it was nice to walk around. I just needed some exercise and sunshine. I've basically been cooped up in our bedroom since we came home from California. I just needed to get out.

Miraculously, the park was completely empty. Just me. I was kind of amazed. But also glad. I didn't want anybody to catch my COVID germs. I'll probably retest myself tonight to see if I still have it. I probably do.

The body aches are gone, thankfully. The very unproductive cough is still quite present, though. I also have a headache still. But that may just be from the coughing.

I took a walk in the park, but when I got home, I felt really tired. I haven't been feeling much fatigue overall, certainly not anything like what other friends who have had COVID have described or what Isaias experienced, but after my walk, which wasn't much, I did feel the need to rest.

I'll be glad when it's gone, but happily, this hasn't felt any worse than a normal flu. I do not take for granted how mild this same disease that took my mother-in-law's life has been for me personally. I am grateful for that and just wish it could have been the same for her.

I really am bummed that I could be using all this time off to work on the audiobook, but instead, I am holed up in my room watching shows (Stranger Things; a documentaryon Netflix about Warren Jeffs and the FLDS abuse; a documentary series on HBOMax about Menudo; and an episode of Friends for comfort food), playing games, sleeping, and surfing the internet. Occasionally, a nephew drops some food at my door or Isaias peeks in to check up on me.

But mostly, it's just the cats and me. I can tell they know I am not well. I don't think Grizzy has left me at all. Franki and Blondie have stayed close by, too. Sometimes Romeo pops by.

My return to work day is supposed to be Wednesday. I'm at least hopeful my voice will be in decent recording shape today or tomorrow. I feel like it's coming back. At least my throat doesn't hurt from coughing anymore.

I hate being sick. I haven't been sick since the pandemic began. It was a nice run. At least I got outside today. That was helpful, I think. And I'm extremely grateful this hasn't been worse than it's been.

Glad my family and cats are looking out for me, too.

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