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I've been pretty inconsistent about my blogging. Between trying to fully get over COVID and working on the audiobook, blogging has taken a back seat, unfortunately.

I submitted my final chapters to the rights holder today and clicked the "I'm Done" button once she approved everything. It was a great feeling to finally finish production.

Now the book is up for technical review. It should pass, but I'm nervous for some reason, probably because it's my first production.

It's supposed to take up to ten days, so I should know soon if I need to make any alterations. Hopefully not. The files all pass the quality check requirements, and the recordings seem to be pleasing to both the rights holder and me, so I don't anticipate any issues.

I did have one minor hiccup when I submitted the opening credits. It was the only file I submitted that didn't pass the technical tests. I had done everything the same, so I didn't know what was wrong.

One of the good things about the audiobook production course I took was that I can still receive technical assistance from both my instructors and anyone who has taken the course.

I guess with really small files such as an opening credits file—which of course, is much shorter than a chapter file—when you normalize and compress them, it is harder for them to pass the sound requirements.

It was suggested to me to record both the opening and closing credits as one file, then master and process it, and then split it into two mp3s.

I tried that, but still had the same issue. However, I decided to re-record those selections at a louder volume, and that seemed to fix the issue. In any case, whatever the initial problem was, I'm glad I was able to resolve it. I would hate that a simple thing like opening credits would mess my efforts up.

I guess it takes 10 business days for ACX to check and approve my audio production. Hopefully everything passes as I assume it will.

Once they approve it, it will be available for distribution and sell on Audible. Once that happens, I'll let you know more about it.

It is a gay Christmas romance and does have three racy scenes in it. I let Isaias listen to one of them, which was a little embarrassing, but he thought I did a good job, although he also made me stop playing it for him because it was too much.

I actually am really proud of my acting the story out. I hope people will like it. What's important is that the author is happy with my work. She called one of my sex scenes "exquisite." She has been complimentary of my work in general, often calling the chapters "flawless."

That makes me feel really good. I've wanted to narrate and produce audiobooks for quite a while now. I'm glad I know how, and I feel proud, accomplished, and gratified. I'm looking forward to doing more and getting better and more experienced.

I've had a really positive experience with this first book. I hope all my production experiences will be as positive.

I originally went into this expecting to focus on non-fiction books, but I quite enjoyed doing this fiction piece, so I will probably do more of that than perhaps I anticipated.

Anyway, I'm feeling good and will give more details about the book when I can.

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